Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 24 2011 : We Are Buckshot, Returning To The Barrel Of the Shotgun Which First Scattered Us

[Let’s all migrate & become nomads]
[Let’s pick up our heavy mortgages & those commitments that hamstring us]
[Let’s gather up our belongings]
[those things we will someday sell at a tag sale]
[those things that we will pay someone else to store for us]
[while we work extra jobs to find the money to buy larger houses]
[with more cavernous garages to store all these things]
[Today is an implosion] [a beehive of collapse as we scatter to gather]
[Scoot home little children]
[This season is as slippery as turkey gravy]
[Run home] [collect yourselves from the coasts to the midlands]
[From the deep boasts of the mountains] [to high-pitched briny beaches]
[Try uprootedness] [bake too much] [drink too much]
[watch too much football] [& recall a grievous childhood]
[It’s time to dance the dance of memory]
[We are geese making our way in V-formation]
[Remembering routes home as innately as to our fathers’ graves]
[Collect fallen leaves from denuded trees like spent stars off the ground]
[Paste each leaf back onto bony branches]
[Gather] [Undestroy things][Undarken night][Redawn the morning]
[We magnetic filings have our poles reversed every year at this time]
[Travel by the light of instinct] [use them all]
[the ones we use when we hunt] [or during sex]
[or when we just breathe in the unspeakable parts of a poem]
[Go home]

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