Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 23 2011 : Welcome The Pilgrims

Take the rough hewn timbers of us
The boards with upturned rusty nails
Just begging for a tetanus shot,
Take the flecks of paint & the skin-pricking splinters,
Sweep the saw dust & dust bunnies that
Scamper under foot,
Unbend each & every eye hook,
Smooth every hole punched wall,
& screw in each dangling ceiling tile.

The weather has changed & the geese
Call out to you.


Travel if you must.
Bake pies, let spirit take the form of the aromas
Of cinnamon and cumin.

We have been on the road so long, now,
We sometimes lose our way.
We still have a ways to go to discover a freshly baked smile.
Lower yourself into the open hands of others
& return unto the lands you never really left.

Tomorrow is a prophet & sunlight, its prophecy.
Just pack up & go. Leave the shadows behind.

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