Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 11 2011 Old

I cannot wait for the day when i am old enough
to say whatever is on my mind
and not care one whit about who hears,
to never have to look around and wonder
if there are children nearby.
When I am old, senility will just be the giant
felt tip marker everyone uses to fill in the blanks
about my aberrant behavior,
To be able to say whatever goddamn thing
i want whenever i goddamn want
and not care if it's right or if it's profound,
or if it's just a load of crap.

i would not want to be hurtful.
people are so damaged these days.
so raw.
i would want to register others' feelings,
no matter how old i got.

Sometimes i am an ambulatory hospital for those who have
lost the spark for their own goodness.

Maybe i should just sit quiety by
scribbling these bone fragments onto
paper and keep my goddamn mouth shut.

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